Picture of the Day for 01-10-2005
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We went to the park this weekend and Toby spied on something interesting. Answer will be tomorrow. Five POD merit points to all correct answers. Members of the photo are disqualified. Open to all residents of all countries.
User Comment Entry Date
Admin Wow, there sure are a lot of guesses. Jan 10th 2005 09:44:58 AM
gpa eesh Ducks! Jan 10th 2005 12:48:02 PM
momma h I don't have a guess but he looks like it's nice to know where his mom is... Jan 10th 2005 02:55:36 PM
Cousin Marcia Canada My first guess is swings & slides my second guess is little girls. Jan 10th 2005 05:33:46 PM
Admin I think Kimberly is trying that trick where one person stands behind the other and makes it seems like their hands are really the person in the front's hands. Jan 10th 2005 06:41:22 PM
momma h his dad pole-vaulting a picnic table? Jan 10th 2005 07:14:28 PM
kimberly i was trying to keep him from walking into the pond. Jan 11th 2005 07:35:01 AM
gpa eesh OK, so what does 5 POD points get me? Pizza, Wings, Freebirds...what? Jan 11th 2005 03:50:20 PM
Admin 5 POD points gets closer to that all important goal of POD Legend. However, I'm always up for wings, pizza and yes Freebirds. Jan 11th 2005 05:57:03 PM