Picture of the Day for 01-10-2006
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I made this supercool lizard cookie. He was delicious.
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Glenn Remember when Chris ate a real LIVE lizard at cut? Jan 10th 2006 07:45:35 AM
Admin Nope, I never heard about the lizard eating. I only went to cut two or three times. I remember when you and Chad passed out and Brad and I tried to drop a tree on you guys. I'm glad we didn't. Something about 18-19 year olds and alcohol with axes scares me now. Jan 10th 2006 08:16:36 AM
beth that just means your getting old...and Chris seriously ate a lizard? Jan 10th 2006 09:58:54 AM
Glenn Yeah. It was gross. Jan 10th 2006 12:40:29 PM
Bubby Lani Someone needs to talk to Chris, even at 18, that's very gross. Jan 10th 2006 01:22:16 PM
Admin I believe Chris is happily married now. Jan 10th 2006 01:47:00 PM
beth he is married...all of our boys are growing up...just like Glenn and Aaron...right? Jan 10th 2006 02:23:42 PM
JWine I'm married. Jan 10th 2006 08:48:27 PM
Glenn Congratulations Jeremy! Who's the lucky guy? Jan 11th 2006 05:55:35 AM
beth who got drunk enough to marry jeremy? Jan 11th 2006 10:21:54 AM
Nathan UK Still So is there a Princess of Harlem now Jeremy is married? Jan 11th 2006 11:15:16 AM
Admin Can there be two Princes of Harlem? Jan 11th 2006 01:39:29 PM
Glenn How weird. Here we are calling Jeremy and his new man wife the "Harlem Princes" while I had always expected Jeremy to become a "Harem Princess." Jan 11th 2006 02:10:55 PM