Picture of the Day for 01-11-2008
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Here is a nice picture of Bubby eating her very yummy cake, made from scratch.
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kimberly uh oh, you're in trouble now admin. Jan 11th 2008 05:32:41 AM
England Kate Disinherited for sure this time, Admin! Jan 11th 2008 07:42:56 AM
Bubby Lani Admin can no longer come to dinner at his mother's house, if this how he insults her. Jan 11th 2008 11:14:16 AM
Admin How is this an insult? I think it's a great picture of you enjoying the best cake in the world. Jan 11th 2008 11:39:59 AM
Marcia Lani did your cake have chocolate popsicles and coke a cola on it? How come your eyes are closed? Jan 11th 2008 12:53:29 PM
Secret Admirer We should all look so good at 60 Jan 11th 2008 12:55:13 PM
dana insult? dude, bubby is hot! and i have good taste, so there. rock on, lady, and happy belated! Jan 11th 2008 03:36:48 PM