Picture of the Day for 01-12-2004
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As requested last week, a beautiful picture of preggo Kimberly. Also as note, you can see my new family car has a lot of room for tiny tots when they start to appear.
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kimberly why? oh, why? Jan 12th 2004 07:27:19 AM
cat I would like to request a picture of beaming bridal Kimberly. She was really nice. Admin, no prego wants her picture taken this close to the big event, much less published on the web. Kim, we are thinking of you all daily. Jan 12th 2004 07:53:20 AM
Beth I like prego pics. Even though you may not feel beautiful...Kim you are GORGEOUS!!! Lets hope Toby has your genes!!! Jan 12th 2004 08:10:02 AM
Anne I agree with Beth! Aaron, I do not have the correct screen name for you so send me an email when you can @ ande2663@yahoo.com The spammers can have mine, I think they all already do!! Ryan comes home on Thursday (things have changed that I must tell you) so lets try and talk before then. :o) Jan 12th 2004 09:17:36 AM
cat Kim, may I remind you that Beth is finished with bring pregnant. Unlike you and I she will never be pregnant and on the POD. Jan 12th 2004 10:06:43 AM
Beth Ah..tis true....I am done with the big bellies! However, I think if Aaron posts a wedding pic of Kim, she'll remember how she got into this predicament. ;-) Live in the present!!!! Jan 12th 2004 10:20:46 AM
Bubby Lani Aaron, can't you take better pictures than this? Kim usually looks like she is a beaming pregnant girl, where's the picture of that girl? Jan 12th 2004 11:13:52 AM
kimberly and why is he taking photos while driving? that is not safe. thus the scowl on my face. Jan 12th 2004 12:04:31 PM
Scorpio Once, Ray had this cap that he really liked. It got old and eventually the plastic snappy adjustment thing in the back broke so he duct taped it to his size and wore it for a couple more months. I think it was a green "Stussy" brand. Ray is funny. Jan 12th 2004 12:33:39 PM
kimberly the men are feeling threatened. not enough testosterone on today's pod. Jan 12th 2004 12:48:07 PM
Beth what the hell is that crap. Scorpio? I think that Kim and I should start our own website...WhywemarriedGlennandAaron.com. The first picture is going to be of a beer can and nachos. Jan 12th 2004 02:23:34 PM
kimberly i'm pretty sure that there is no photo in exsistance that can explain why we married them. Jan 12th 2004 03:16:41 PM
Beth I think you got suckered in by the paella....me...it was jose cuervo and enchildas... Jan 12th 2004 04:32:50 PM
Scorpio I attribute it to alchohol, bad judgement, and low self esteem but it doesn't matter why - what's done is done and now you are stuck - FOREVER AND EVER until we die and relieve you of your dorky shackles. Ha Ha Ha. Suckers. Jan 12th 2004 04:48:05 PM
Scorpio Aaron, keep doing what you've been doing. Mega hits last 2 days. Jan 12th 2004 04:49:05 PM
Admin All I could think about when I heard her reply I do to "And for better or worse", was SUCKER!!!!! I can't believe someone fell for that. I think I can safely let my hair down now and dance the streets in my underwear while eating nachos and drinking a cold, cold beer. Long live sacred marrige vows! Jan 12th 2004 06:03:18 PM
kimberly yis, marrige is sacrid arrin. Jan 12th 2004 07:45:17 PM
katiewine we don't know how else to get intouch with you!!! email Betsy betsywine11@hotmail.com Jan 13th 2004 07:58:09 AM