Picture of the Day for 01-13-2005
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Toby got a little bit more interested in the bread than the ducks at one point.
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aunty beth that is a really cute picture ... Jan 13th 2005 07:26:14 AM
Admin Did you just call me cute? I think the Glennorator might have some words to say about that. Jan 13th 2005 08:09:36 AM
Abuelo I think she meant the scene was cute. Father and son breaking bread, but if you are desperate for a compliment, go for it. Jan 13th 2005 10:47:16 AM
momma h is the beard your new look (admin) ? Jan 13th 2005 04:34:31 PM
Admin It's my winter hibernation look. Toby and I talked about it and decided we would both grow beards for the winter as we wanted to be bears but didn't want to sleep thru winter. My beard came in a little bit better than Toby's. Jan 13th 2005 07:42:20 PM
Bubby Lani All these duck pictures makes me want to pull out the pictures of 1 1/2 yr old little Aaron feeding the ducks. Jan 13th 2005 09:16:17 PM
Admin I'm saving the best shot for his birthday next week. Jan 14th 2005 05:34:56 AM
momma h Show the 1 and 1/2 year old Aaron pics too please Jan 14th 2005 08:55:25 PM
Admin The Bubby has those. I'll have to find them and scan them and then post them. Jan 15th 2005 05:25:56 AM