Picture of the Day for 01-14-2004
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Further proof that there is someone for everyone. These eyes must peirce Beth's heart.
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Admin Happy birthday Beth!!! I bet Glenn did his version of Marliyn Monroe singing to the president this morning in a fashionable strip tease. It sure is a tease with Glenn..... Jan 14th 2004 04:32:04 AM
Beth Thanks Aaron...that is such a wonderful present....at the ripe old age of 35, I am already re-evaluating life...this doesn't help! ;-) Jan 14th 2004 05:23:52 AM
Beth also....i think he was attempting to sing Elvis or Johnny Cash....couldn't tell which.... Jan 14th 2004 05:24:45 AM
Bubby Lani Happy Birthday Beth. 35 is a great age, sorry about the husband picture. We need to send Aaron to photography school. Jan 14th 2004 06:20:40 AM
Beth Thanks Lani.....Aaron just tries to capture the inner spirit of a person....or just really embarrass the hell out of us! Jan 14th 2004 06:50:50 AM
Admin Well, Glenn attempting to sing anything is rather hilarious. Jan 14th 2004 10:02:28 AM
kimberly happy bday beth! Jan 14th 2004 10:11:08 AM
Sandy Simmons YIKES - What a scary picture! Jan 14th 2004 12:23:57 PM
kimberly beth now shares her birthday with my friend thelma's brand new baby girl!! Jan 14th 2004 12:51:46 PM
Beth Thelma' had her baby?? whoo-hoo...what a great day to be born. Except that she will be a Capricorn...we're kinda bitchy! ;-) Jan 14th 2004 01:16:44 PM
kimberly i believe the proper term is "strong", not bitchy. Jan 14th 2004 01:23:45 PM
Scorpio a.k.a. the Brow First of all - Screw all y'all. Second - the term "bitchy" is right on the money but the term "kind of" is wrong. It should be "really." Jan 15th 2004 01:00:08 PM