Picture of the Day for 01-14-2008
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Toby had his 4th birthday party this past weekend. He got a volcano-dinosaur scene cake, complete with blue pudding for a lake and a chocolate volcano that once cut, oozed out red pudding lava. It was prehistorically great!
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Bubby Lani The cake was inspirational and all the people at the other birthday parties thought our cake was the best! Proud mama of cake baker. Jan 14th 2008 07:19:14 AM
Abuelo The Barbie hoop skirt cake at the next table was a close second but lost points on originality and creativity. Jan 14th 2008 10:40:43 AM
aunty beth HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOBY! My cake had balloons. I like dinosaurs better! Jan 14th 2008 01:29:50 PM
Nathan Are you going to bring me a slice when you come over? Jan 14th 2008 03:24:12 PM