Picture of the Day for 01-16-2006
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Toby got this great chair and stool for Hannukah and already has the look of a 40 year old man in front of the TV.
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Bubby Lani I missed this picture, obviously everyone else did as well. Cal, we need to print this up, so we can remember how funny it was in person. Jan 26th 2006 09:54:05 AM
toby "now all i need is a sippy cup and the remote" Jan 26th 2006 11:16:19 AM
Glenn "Bad Dad" Reinhardt Why? Is this the half hour of the week you are allowed to watch television? Jan 26th 2006 04:42:53 PM
kimberly that is correct glenn. but first, he does his homework and cleans his room. then 30 mins of calastetics and a meal of veggies only. Jan 27th 2006 06:34:06 AM