Picture of the Day for 01-18-2005
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The person in this picture is having a birthday today. If you see him, give him a present. --Side note-- Toby, I'm sure you'll look at this POD later on in life, probably when you are lippy teenager or one of those post college students who try to move back with their parents, and I just want to let you know that this first year was AMAZING. Everything has been wonderful and even better than your mom or I could ever imagine. Thank you and happy birthday. --End of side note--.
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momma h 18 has always been my lucky number and last January 18th proved it. Thanks for a great year Toby, and Thanks Kim and Aaron for sharing it. Jan 18th 2005 06:02:31 AM
Peaches Happy Birthday, Toby! Baby Natalie sends you a big slobbery kiss. Jan 18th 2005 06:40:25 AM
Aunty Beth Happy Birthday Toby! You made it through one year of Aaron being your dad! Just wait until you are 16 and legally able to drive him to and from the bowling alley! Jan 18th 2005 07:59:47 AM
Joel Happy Birthday, Grandson. I hope you wil give your dad as many happy and exciting years as he has given me. Jan 18th 2005 08:17:00 AM
Bubby Lani Kimberly made the cute tee shirt Toby is wearing. The back is very cute as well. Toby had much fun putting his hands in the frosting on his cake & smearing it all over everyone last night. He was not quite sure what to do with the candle. It was a night to remember with lots of smiles. Jan 18th 2005 09:42:15 AM
Uncle Jeremy Happy Birthday you little shit. Now learn to talk so I can begin the corrupting process. Jan 18th 2005 10:19:48 AM
Aunty Beth I want a shirt like that....only mine will say "i'm this many. XXXVI" Jan 18th 2005 11:04:17 AM
mom toby, if you are reading this when you are 3 (because you are advanced), let me just tell you that you are incredible and no matter how much crap you pull when you are a teenager, i'll always look back and remember what a sweet, fun, and smart little guy you are now. Jan 18th 2005 12:23:38 PM
Auntie Di Stop your making me cry. Happy Birthday little guy!! Wish we could be there with you. Jan 18th 2005 12:51:24 PM
aunty beth I just hope he doesn't pee on his brother when he is older. Jan 18th 2005 01:37:04 PM
Auntie Di Brother? Is this an announcement? What about a sister? Jan 18th 2005 01:41:12 PM
Admin Nope on the announcement. We wanted to see if Toby could make it a year before we started to try again to help America keep up with China in population. What Aunty Beth is referring to is the time I peed on Jeremy because he was being a turd. Jeremy still has repressed feelings about this that are just now starting to surface. Also, Beth, if we made you a birthday shirt, I don't know if we would have enough space for all the hands we would need. Jan 18th 2005 03:26:55 PM
momma h Toby, you might wanna print today's pod and save it as a "get out of jail free" card. Oops, never mind...I just remembered telling you the week you were born that I'd take care of things like that, w/o telling your mom and dad. Side note to Kimberly--if you can find the time or assign this to students, I'll take a half dozen like what Toby is wearing here @ name your price. Jan 18th 2005 04:45:16 PM
Aunty Beth I was just hoping to get a birthday mention on the POD...hence the comment about being XXXVI...Actually...we just went through the birthday week...Avari is 5, Chance is 14 and I am XXXVI. Toby was born in a really good month with really great people! Jan 19th 2005 08:03:47 AM
Admin Are you kidding? I missed all of your birthdays? I'll have to write these down sometime. Anyhow, Happy birthday to the ruling party of the Reinhardt clan. Jan 19th 2005 11:33:00 AM