Picture of the Day for 01-18-2006
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Happy birthday little big man. Again, what a incredible year we've had. I can safely say we are best friends as you are picking up all my great habits like loving all kinds of food, wearing fun stuff on your head and making faces, running and skipping while singing, and giving everyone a hug. Keep up the great work and you'll be a great person. Maybe one day you will also have a website that will give joy to the millions who view it.
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nana Happy Birthday, Toby ! We love you ! Jan 18th 2006 06:07:34 AM
Great Auntie Di Happy Birthday to my favorite Great nephew. Iowa Loves you. Jan 18th 2006 06:54:10 AM
Bubby Lani Is he planning on going into outer space with that helmet? Great picture for his birthday! Jan 18th 2006 07:03:10 AM
kimberly Happy Birthday to my favorite little man in this world (and whereever that space helmet takes you)! and thanks to his daddy for another great year as the parenting team. I'm very lucky to have you both! Jan 18th 2006 07:36:38 AM
tahoeeddie HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOBY!!! Jan 18th 2006 08:22:27 AM
Cousins Marcia & Dan Levy Happy Birthday Toby, it has been wonderful to be able to be apart of your growing up. Jan 18th 2006 08:47:03 AM
Auntie Beth Happy Birthday Toby! Jan 18th 2006 09:49:18 AM
Great Auntie Di Kim, your making me cry :^) Jan 18th 2006 02:35:26 PM
Unk J You're my guy, Tobin. Jan 19th 2006 08:23:57 PM