Picture of the Day for 01-18-2007
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First of all, Happy Birthday Toby! Secondly, This picture is of Toby helping me make Bubby her birthday cake. He's very good on the clean up. Just don't tell Bubby we were in our underwear while we made her cake. Lastly, Awesome job on year number 3, Toby. You are definitely turning out to be quite the little boy and leaving your toddler years behind you. We are having so much fun with you in our lives. Can't wait to see what the next year brings.
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kimberly toby, you are 3! i'm so proud of you and the big brother you have become. i love you every minute of every day! Jan 18th 2007 05:38:39 AM
Bubby Lani Toby is "free" not three, as he says it. What a great year he had! He makes great cakes even if only in his underwear. I love our Wednesdays one on one time. Happy Birthday, Love, Bubby Jan 18th 2007 07:27:37 AM
Rob Happy Birthday to the best 3 year old I know. Jan 18th 2007 08:59:12 AM
Abuelo "we were in our underwear"???? 3 year olds in underwear, precious 30 years olds, not so much. Happy Birthday, Toby Jan 18th 2007 11:39:59 AM
kimberly monkey see, monkey do. Jan 18th 2007 11:44:36 AM
Admin Luckily I'm 35 now so it's cute again. Jan 18th 2007 01:29:34 PM
Nana happy birthday, buddy ! Is the snow all gone there? Jan 18th 2007 04:41:36 PM
aunty beth Happy Birthday from your future in-laws and future wife, Avari...Toby...save those pull-ups for your dear old dad...he will need them soon enough! Jan 18th 2007 06:39:53 PM