Picture of the Day for 01-19-2004
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Introducing, Tobin "Toby" Howard Wine. Born at 9:12am at 7 pounds and 10 ounces. Mother and baby are doing fine. I'm tired.
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Fridge Looks just like his father Jan 18th 2004 06:39:02 PM
Stef, Jeff, and Nicholas Congrats Aaron and Kim..can't wait to meet him!! Jan 18th 2004 06:52:19 PM
Great-aunt Nancy What a handsome young man. Congratulations! Jan 18th 2004 07:22:40 PM
Cameron Congratulations!!!! H Jan 19th 2004 02:12:55 AM
Tabatha He is gorgeous! Congrats guys! Jan 19th 2004 02:19:37 AM
Kate Still Well done! He's lovely! Hope it did not hurt too much!! Jan 19th 2004 03:35:06 AM
Beth Oh he is so cute...must look like Kim!!!! Congrats.,...welcome to the parents club. First Rule of the club...happy hour begins at 3:00 PM Daily! Jan 19th 2004 05:36:20 AM
Beth D What a beautiful baby! Congratulations! Aaron, I can't believe they let you near him looking like that! Kim, you look beautiful! Jan 19th 2004 05:46:05 AM
Christopher Congrats Aaron and Kimberly!!! Jan 19th 2004 05:47:00 AM
Proud Unky Baldo Scooter! C'mere and lemme ruin you. Jan 19th 2004 06:03:02 AM
anne Congrats to you both! He is gorgeous! Jan 19th 2004 06:15:21 AM
Great Uncle Albert Mozel Tov & Sima Tov & Sima Tov & Mozel Tov! Good for you guys! Jan 19th 2004 07:25:39 AM
momahansen i could not be more proud of kim and aaron for doing what's 'best for baby' all along. Toby is one lucky child. Jan 19th 2004 09:25:01 AM
Melissa@Johnson-Peach.com Congrats! He looks perfect. By the way, Rob & I have some news of our own. I'm pregnant. Our baby is due in July. Jan 19th 2004 11:44:50 AM
Kreme Congratulations! Jan 19th 2004 12:24:47 PM
me Never thought I'd see the day. Congratulations to both of you. Jan 19th 2004 07:39:49 PM
Plakey Now he needs a sister! Well, maybe a little later. Jan 20th 2004 04:37:41 AM
Nora Craig Congratulations! Thanks for making the world a better place with a beautiful new baby! Jan 20th 2004 05:28:17 AM
Jenn CONGRATS!! Hes a Cutie.. Jan 20th 2004 12:01:57 PM
Shakespeare The age old question "toby or not toby" has apparently been answered. Jan 20th 2004 12:59:30 PM
Admin Thanks all for the nice comments. Just for the POD record, Toby's intro picture has generated POD's first over 20 comment picture. I should post more pictures of him. Jan 20th 2004 01:38:02 PM
Jay & Cynthia Saathoff Yeah! Toby looks wonderful! Best Wishes to you all... Jan 20th 2004 02:27:54 PM
emily OOHH MY GOSH, How Adorable Jan 20th 2004 02:57:54 PM
Stein It`s a "superToby" lot`s of thaught`s from Copenhagen Jan 21st 2004 12:07:50 AM
Stein It`s a "superToby" lot`s of thaught`s from Copenhagen Jan 21st 2004 12:08:20 AM
Tara Congrats to the new parents! Toby is very cute! I hope you all are doing well & catching a few hours of sleep here and there! Jan 21st 2004 06:04:33 AM
Marsha Congratulations to The Wine Family!! He is just adorable! Jan 21st 2004 11:00:11 AM
K. Cutler-Lake Right on! All the best to the three of you. (Maybe Firewood Revival should start recording lullabies?!) Jan 21st 2004 02:54:27 PM
A YAY BABY TOBY!!! I am so happy for you two! CONGRATS!!!!! amy Jan 21st 2004 06:55:27 PM
kerri & michael saulmon what a beautiful and happy time for you three!! mazeltov!! Jan 21st 2004 08:52:50 PM
Janet Now the fun really starts! :) Congrats! Jan 22nd 2004 06:45:29 AM
Su and Al Butler Precious and perfect!! He is gorgeous! Congrats to Kim and Aaron!! Jan 24th 2004 10:08:21 AM
Great Grandma Dorothy What a cutie!! Can't wait to see him in person. Jan 24th 2004 11:06:55 AM
Lucas I think he just sharted... Congratulations Super Air-on and Super Kim-ber-lee Jan 24th 2004 06:59:44 PM
Carrie Congratulations Kim and Aaron! Jan 25th 2004 07:47:03 AM
Laurel & Lance ...looks perfect! Cool! Welcome to parenthood!!! Ha ha he he snicker....howl....chortle...giggle........... Jan 25th 2004 03:56:43 PM
Blane THIS is the Paris Hilton video everyone was talking about? Jan 26th 2004 08:57:08 AM