Picture of the Day for 01-20-2004
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Is it just me or is Toby just oober-cute? I guess I'm biased, but damn, I'll bet Gerber is going to be knocking down our door with label offers. Here is where Kimberly gets to hold Toby for the first time right after he came out of the transition room.
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Carina Waw! What a fantastic little boy! And the mother looks great too :-) Soooo happy for you! Big TIL LYKKE from Copenhagen! Hope all are well! Jan 20th 2004 12:26:53 AM
Julie Reinhardt Aaron-congrats on your little man. He is a doll. Jan 20th 2004 05:44:53 AM
Beth What bright eyes!!! How Cute!!!! Still looks like Kim Jan 20th 2004 06:41:22 AM
anne beautiful..beautiful..beautiful!!! Jan 20th 2004 07:23:13 AM
Great Auntie Di I'm still speechless. I'm so proud of you. Now the fun begins. Jan 20th 2004 07:45:20 AM
Admin You can definitely see the Kim's Danish side in our little Toby. I bet that is what makes him so cute. However, he farts like his old man. I'm so proud. Jan 20th 2004 08:43:43 AM
Sandy Fritz Aaron and Kim he is adorable Toby will be a great blessing in your lives. Just thank god each day for him. Bring him by the office sometime. Jan 20th 2004 10:53:38 AM
Adam Congratulations!!!! Toby looks great! Definitely takes after his mom. How long until the pic of the day will have him with two golf tees stuck in his nose? Jan 20th 2004 01:10:23 PM
Bridget and John So great! Toby and Kimberly look amazing! Jan 20th 2004 02:47:23 PM
Kim Bell I am so happy for you!! He is so adorable!! Hope you guys have lots of fun!! Jan 20th 2004 04:19:39 PM
Scorpio Is that a new nightgown Kim has on? Very snazzy. Oh yeah, cute kid. BTW, who is Julie Reinhardt? Is we kin? Jan 21st 2004 10:21:21 AM
Admin Don't worry Scorpio, I grabbed several of those nighties and will be giving them out this year for birthday gifts. I don't think Julie is your kin, but her husband is a taxadermist so you might want to get cozy with them for some free chemical critters. Jan 21st 2004 12:26:46 PM