Picture of the Day for 01-20-2006
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Here is how the Tobinator set off the old year and brought in the new year. Unfortunately, his massive firework display was banned in all counties of the state of Texas.
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Glenn Who's the priest? Jan 20th 2006 07:04:32 AM
Admin That's Hy. He's a professional poker player. Jan 20th 2006 07:16:40 AM
Glenn I thought priests weren't supposed to gamble. Jan 20th 2006 08:08:17 AM
Admin No, priests are just not allowed to gamble with alter boys. Jan 20th 2006 08:14:47 AM
Abuelo Good thing Toby isn't Catholic. Anyway you can tell that Hy is a poker player as he shows no emotion in the mist of all the New Years Eve comotion Jan 20th 2006 08:41:52 AM
Glenn Hy's tell is that he holds elevates his pinky when he is bluffing. Mine is that I giggle when I am bluffing. Jan 20th 2006 02:18:12 PM