Picture of the Day for 01-21-2005
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Toby got to see King Duck up close. These ducks will do almost anything for some stale peice of bread.
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King Glenn You did tell me the bread was stale! What can I do for some! Jan 21st 2005 07:35:23 PM
Admin I'll put some stale bread in the online store so you can purchase it. Jan 22nd 2005 05:56:37 AM
Glenn Just checked the store - no stale bread. You know, with all these Bubbies checking in on your kid photos each day I bet you have sold them numerous calendars and t-shirts off your web site. Jan 25th 2005 09:49:44 PM
Admin Yeah, I need to add some items to the store. Check back by the end of this weekend. Jan 26th 2005 10:23:03 AM