Picture of the Day for 01-02-2004
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POD Uber favorite, Cameron, came into town all the way from Amsterdam. Here he is eating a chip with the support of Eddie.
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Cameron I was worried that I would start looking French or gay or something in Europe - nope, no risk of that - still Alabama white trash through and through! Great seeing you over the holidays Aaron and cant wait to see pictures of the little guy. Jan 11th 2004 01:54:12 PM
Admin I have a hard time thinking that you are 'Alabama White Trash' with a hat with a web address on it. Now if it said my other spouse is a fishing boat, then you would get credit, but a web address? C'mon man.... Jan 12th 2004 07:20:06 AM
Scorpio Don't need to worry about looking gay anyway as long as Eddie stands behind you with his "Flock of Seagulls" do. Let's not encourage Aaron to take pictures of "the little guy" unless you specify that to be his son. Never know how he will take it. Jan 12th 2004 12:36:52 PM