Picture of the Day for 01-22-2007
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First of all, let's all wish Great Grandpa Thorvald a happy 90. He has officially surpased being an octengeniarian and now is a ninetengeniarian. Spell check was not used during this post. Time to get in some shots of the great ice storm of ought 7. Here is Toby checking for icicle damage to the megalovan. I must say, that despite Kimberly being completely unreasonable tonight, she does look really hot in winter gear.
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Bubby Lani Happy birthday, Great Grandpa Thorvald! Are you sure that is Toby underneath all those clothes? I'll leave it to the northerners to comment on the great ice storm of ought 07. I'm sure they will have some things to say on that subject. Jan 22nd 2007 08:37:39 AM
Cousin Marcia Oh yes Bubby Lani, you leave us years ago for the warm Texas weather and now Texas is giving you a taste of what you have missed. We have not had bad weather yet up here in Ontario, just a few snow flurries and cold. Enjoy while it lasts. Jan 22nd 2007 03:52:38 PM
Gpa Eesh Happy Birthday TC! Winter finally arrived in Iowa. Snow (sledding) and ice (fishing). Why else would we live here? Jan 22nd 2007 05:43:58 PM
Ralphie The picture reminds me of the movie Christmas Story. If Toby falls down, will have be able to get back up with all that gear on? Jan 22nd 2007 06:20:03 PM