Picture of the Day for 01-23-2006
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This is why they have leagues. So people like Steve "Barn" doesn't scare people. Look how quick that man is taking that little girl away from him.
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Glenn Hey Jeremy, makes you wish you hadn't gotten married - doesn't he? Jan 23rd 2006 09:24:58 AM
Admin What are you talking about Glenn? Your barb needs explaining. Jan 23rd 2006 09:26:31 AM
Glenn On your POD from 01.10.06 Jeremy announced that he was married. I then asked who the lucky guy was. I am playing off that conversation. Jan 23rd 2006 10:26:51 AM
Admin Oh, This guy is WAAAAAY out of Jeremy's league. Jan 23rd 2006 11:56:06 AM
JWine I'll forever respect any man with the nickname "Barn" Jan 25th 2006 04:04:51 PM