Picture of the Day for 01-24-2005
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I feel like showing duck butts to the world today. I think it's humorous that someone in the internet land will do a search one day for ducks and come up with this photo. Or maybe they'll do a search for Paxil and come up this photo since I just typed the word 'Paxil' and it will now be shown in searches.
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kimberly Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Jan 24th 2005 06:55:12 AM
kimberly actually, to get the most search hits, you need to mention Brad Pitt. Jan 24th 2005 11:44:46 AM
Admin So if someone puts in Brad Pitt, Paxil and Duck butt, I'd probably be the number one link. Brad Pitt is soooooo sexy. Jan 24th 2005 01:18:37 PM
mh I don't understand.....why do you have an opinion about how sexy Brad Pitt is? Jan 25th 2005 06:31:28 AM
Admin Kimberly has a standing order that if Brad Pitt ever came around to his senses and wanted to date her, that I would be dumped. I'm okay with that since the sexiest man alive is the only one beating me out. I'd have issues if Rush Limbaugh was the one. Jan 25th 2005 07:52:17 AM
kimberly i would be the one with issues if that happened. Jan 25th 2005 10:43:02 AM
Glenn You probably wouldn't be the first hit if somebody does a search for Paxil, butt, and Rush Limbaugh - but you would be on the list. Jan 25th 2005 09:51:52 PM
Admin Somebody needs to do a search on Rush Limaugh, Butt, and Paxil to see which site will appear first. This site won't show up until the search robots hit me again. Jan 26th 2005 07:49:57 AM