Picture of the Day for 01-24-2007
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The great ice storm of ougth 7 claimed one old victim. The tree in front of Toby's school collapsed under the weight of tons and tons of ice. Or maybe Toby is so strong that he pushed it over.
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tahoeeddie toby is the next chris angel... mindfreak! ever see that trick where he pushes over that tree? yeah, too much late night tv. Jan 24th 2007 07:28:10 AM
Admin Yeah, I can't explain it either. What really happen was Toby went up to the tree and mentally pushed it over. I didn't want to tell anyone to get him in trouble. Jan 24th 2007 03:35:05 PM
Bubby Lani What a shock that must have been. Ripped up the entire fence. Toby is very strong. I see he has his boots on in order to do the job. Jan 24th 2007 09:05:51 PM