Picture of the Day for 01-25-2006
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Here's a nice photo of Toby helping some neighborhood swans out with some free stale bread.
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Glenn You have swans in your kingdom? Jan 25th 2006 09:37:36 AM
kimberly yes, and aaron is afraid of them, Jan 25th 2006 10:49:55 AM
Admin Only when they attack. Jan 25th 2006 11:39:50 AM
Glenn They look very aggressive. Jan 25th 2006 11:54:00 AM
Great Auntie Di Toby will protect you Aaron. Jan 25th 2006 12:44:46 PM
Admin If anything, it looks like Toby is protecting a very scared looking Kimberly. Jan 25th 2006 01:02:03 PM
Great Auntie Di Looks like she is going to use his hand to hit the swan. Way to use the kid Kim. Jan 25th 2006 03:42:02 PM