Picture of the Day for 01-26-2004
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A weekend has passed and another 100 photos of Toby were taken. Here's another oooooober-cute picture of Toby taken with Grandpa Cal.
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Great Aunt Di How sweet. Jan 26th 2004 06:23:28 AM
Brenda When you look at his face, you get a good idea of him--he is really alert!!Cool-o. Jan 26th 2004 06:48:45 AM
Callaway Congrats guys! I am just now hearing about him...pretty sad I know. He is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Jan 26th 2004 09:33:34 AM
Admin I think he just got fed and he's thinking he might want to barf on Grandpa Cal. Jan 26th 2004 09:44:55 AM
Alton Yeah, but does he have his father's voice -- especially the volume? Jan 26th 2004 03:21:03 PM
Beth Oh he is just like his dad...barfing on other people.... :-) Jan 26th 2004 05:57:02 PM
Admin All I know is that I'll be taking him to many Aggie games to practice his yells before he gets to college so the volume might be there. Jan 26th 2004 06:41:44 PM