Picture of the Day for 01-26-2005
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Toby had an informal birthday party on his birthday. His official weigh-in for his one year of living is 23lbs. 12 oz. Congrats to the winners of any betting pools. Here is a picture of toby looking at me, Bubby and Grandpa singing some sort of dorking song.
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kimberly mr. quackers ate most of the cake. Jan 26th 2005 10:51:44 AM
Rambo I have not looked at your picture of the day lately. I see you grew a beard. Is that because you want to look like your Uncle Albert? If so, you'll need a little more grey! Does Toby like to grab hold of it and go for a ride? Jan 26th 2005 02:30:22 PM
Admin The beard is about to come off. However, just like my Uncle Albert, I have two grey beard hairs. Jan 26th 2005 03:14:37 PM