Picture of the Day for 01-27-2006
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Ya know, these swans can get downright mean when you try to coerce them into getting their picture taken by holding out stale bread as bait to get them to come closer to you.
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Nathan Despite mums across the world warning their children that a swan culd break your arm with one flap of its wing have you ever met a kid whose arm has been broken by one? Interesting factoid - all swans in the UK are considered the property of the Queen and you can only eat one with her permission. Jan 27th 2006 07:09:09 AM
Great Auntie Di Obviously the other swans didn't want thier picture taken either. They are hidding. Jan 27th 2006 07:26:25 AM
Admin The other swans must be embarrassed by the actions of the mean swan. I didn't know swan was a tasty dish in England, but then, you guys over there eat some pretty dodgy things. Jan 27th 2006 07:36:16 AM
Glenn My friend once at a crane that he killed in a creek in Mexico. He said it made him sick. I bet swan is gross. Even so, I would try it. It probably makes good jerky though. Jan 27th 2006 09:59:23 AM