Picture of the Day for 01-30-2006
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I got to hang out with the "in" crowd at Abbott New Year's eve party. Here is Larry, Sandy and myself discussing fashion and world hunger and how they inter-relate.
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Bubby Lani Sandy looks great as usual. Not sure Larry was in to discussing world hunger at New Year's Eve party. Jan 30th 2006 08:08:18 AM
Glenn Hey Beth, did you forget to show me our invitation to Cal and Lani's New Year's party? Jan 30th 2006 08:54:09 AM
beth No...I bet it got lost in the mail. Jan 30th 2006 10:24:11 AM
Bubby Lani Aaon told me specifically not to invite you Beth, otherwise you would have been first on the list. Jan 30th 2006 06:41:05 PM
Admin That would of still made Glenn last.... Jan 30th 2006 07:00:45 PM
sandy, from detroit i definitely need an eye job!! looks like larry had 'one too many'! LOL Jan 30th 2006 07:02:34 PM