Picture of the Day for 01-03-2005
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I know we got beat down in the cotton bowl, but at least the ride on the DART to the game was fun. Here is the Traweek and myself on the way with a Dallas skyscraper behind us.
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Su Beat....by none other than the great Univ of TN - where GRAHAM goes!! Rub, rub..... Jan 3rd 2005 08:08:07 AM
beth Did the ags play? I think I saw a game where A&M Consol High played a team in orange.... Jan 3rd 2005 10:28:24 AM
cremes@tpg.com.au Hi, Avril and Brian here from Melbourne Australia, We met Lani and Cal on the Sapphire Princess cruise and as it is Lanis birthday today she asked me to contact you so you could buy her a nice present for when she comes home. She says she is on a SKI holiday (Spending Kids Inheritance) So far she has bought five pieces of art at the ships auction including an original Rockwell, a Chagal and an ERTE She missed out on the picasso in a bidding war with some other rich americans from Florida. The new jewelry she bought will make a serious dent in the family fortune. Best wishes to you all. She talks about her grandson all (and I mean ALL) the time.Best regards Jan 3rd 2005 01:55:05 PM
JWine These are not the kind of friends we need the Laninator to be mingling with, these kind of lawless, enabling Aussies, who take no greater joy in watching upper-middle-class Americans go bacchanal with my financial future. From now on, the parents are grounded in the Northern Hemisphere. Jan 3rd 2005 04:09:54 PM
Bubby Lani Too bad. We are alsohanging out with rich americans from san Diego and farmington Hills, MI. They are all bad influences. Jan 3rd 2005 08:35:56 PM
Admin I didn't know Graham was going to Tenn. Was he in the band? Jan 4th 2005 10:08:49 AM
Admin Melbourne is a good place to go and spend your tourist dollar. I got one of my favorite sweatshirts in a Melbourne thrift store. It is made out of velour. Jan 4th 2005 06:57:43 PM