Picture of the Day for 01-03-2006
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I got a bloody nose playing scrabble. I guess it was full contact scrabble.
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Glenn No offense, Aaron, but you are one of the worst spellers I know. (I am another) How can you play scrabble? Jan 3rd 2006 08:40:34 AM
Admin I just look for patterns in the tiles. Also, if you get a lot of s tiles, you can just put them on the end of words. Jan 3rd 2006 09:04:11 AM
bubby lani Not a pretty sight for the beginning of 2006 POD. Jan 3rd 2006 09:43:44 AM
beth i thought it was a picture of another aaron hangover...wow...he has changed..better cut him off the scrabble board and back onto the beer Jan 3rd 2006 12:12:20 PM
Admin I don't think I ever used an ice pack for a hangover. Does that work? Well, too late to try that. Toby doesn't allow for hangovers. Jan 3rd 2006 01:15:21 PM
Admin Oh, by the way, did anyone see the supercool new front page graphic? Or do you all just bookmark the POD? Jan 3rd 2006 01:15:59 PM
Glenn I saw it but I guess I don't get it. Jan 3rd 2006 03:21:59 PM
beth ice packs really don't work for hangovers. And to handle a hangover with a child is easy...lock your door. Jan 3rd 2006 06:18:19 PM
beth oh and about the graphic...i saw it...i don't get it either. Jan 3rd 2006 06:19:29 PM
kimberly yuck and yuck. i don't like that front page aaron. and i didn't like it when you made it 2 years ago. glenn, you are right about his spelling. but he wins at scrabble all the time. one of the great mysteries of life. Jan 3rd 2006 06:55:35 PM
mh I was the victim of Aaron's scrabble skills again and he was ahead at nosebleed time so it wasn't a ploy. Plus, his favorite t-shirt 'took the fall'...(tmi) Jan 4th 2006 05:47:18 AM
Nathan UK Still I don't get the front page either, I also think you change the text on the submit button to something other than 'button'. Jan 11th 2006 11:24:52 AM