Picture of the Day for 01-04-2006
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Today is a very important day in POD history. It was on this day, many, many moons ago that the mother of the founder of the POD was born. Without her, there would be no me, no POD and no one to post a picture of today. Happy Birthday, oh founder of our POD hero. And Tallulah too!
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Bubby Lani Great picture, thanks a lot. Jan 4th 2006 08:18:11 AM
beth Happy Birthday Lani! Are those potato pancakes you are making? Glenn loves those! Jan 4th 2006 09:11:41 AM
Glenn Happy birthday! Yes, I do. Jan 4th 2006 09:41:42 AM
Second born Happy Birthday, Ma Jan 4th 2006 02:13:50 PM
mh happy birthday Lani @ Jan 4th 2006 07:58:04 PM
mh Sorry--as usual, I didn't put my glasses on when I should have Jan 4th 2006 08:00:02 PM
Su Hope your birthday was Happy Lani!! Those pancakes look decadent! Jan 5th 2006 10:23:01 AM
Nathan UK Still I hope Aaron didn't eat too many pancakes, I heard a rumour that he was trying to lose weight. Jan 11th 2006 11:22:28 AM