Picture of the Day for 01-05-2005
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Toby learned some new skills lately. Besides walking, dancing, pointing and sticking things in his mouth, he has learned to climb on top of things. Apparently this daredevil thinks the kitchen table is Mount McKinney and needs to be climbed. Here he is practicing on the smaller coffee table course.
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Aunty Beth Just like Daddy....Climbing on top of things in his underwear. Glenn, don't you have pictures of Aaron doing the same thing? Jan 5th 2005 07:19:48 AM
kimberly i believe it is mt. mckinley. does that make the refrigerator his everest? i hope not! Jan 5th 2005 08:12:12 AM
Admin As long as Superdog is his sherpa, he'll never crest the Everest fridge. Jan 5th 2005 09:05:35 AM