Picture of the Day for 01-05-2007
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Beavers built some dams to build up this babbling brook.
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Gpa Eesh I hope Admin did not get a picture of me doing a beaver imitation. Jan 5th 2007 03:32:07 PM
Aunt Nancy An admirable alliteration Aaron! Jan 5th 2007 03:32:55 PM
kimberly "what's an alliteration", he said. Jan 5th 2007 07:21:23 PM
Bubby Lani Where's the snow? Jan 5th 2007 07:40:44 PM
Admin I used a question mark at the end of my question. I am guessing an alliteration is something that uses the same letter over and over again. Really, the only english type stuff I knew was Iambic Pentameter.Jan 6th 2007 08:21:54 AM
Know it all Nathan from Northampton or quite simply, Coca Cola!!! Jan 7th 2007 03:34:09 PM
Bubby Lani Nathan, get some sleep! You must be exhausted. Jan 7th 2007 08:31:28 PM