Picture of the Day for 01-07-2004
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Sad note for today. My Aunt Bea past away. In her honor, are some nice horses looking over a field or something. Something serene.
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Bubby Lani That was really nice of you. I'm sure Aust Bea would have appreciated it. Bubby Margaret has a pciture of her sitting on an elephant from her trip to India, a few weeks ago. Jan 7th 2004 08:58:54 AM
Uncle Albert Bummer about Aunt Bea...a moment of silence. What's up with the baby? Due in a couple of weeks? How's Kim feeling? Jan 7th 2004 11:21:43 AM
bethie Sorry to hear about Aunt Bea...I want to see the picture of her on the elephant. Jan 7th 2004 02:23:06 PM
Admin Baby is coming in two weeks regardless if he wants to or not. We've got the power of inducement on our side. Jan 8th 2004 06:38:25 AM
fran thanks Aaron for mentioning my mom in your site. She really was pleased that she went to your wedding and was looking forward to your impending birth announcement. Thanks again, Fran Jan 11th 2004 10:56:15 PM
Admin I am a huge Aunt Bea fan. She was always very nice to us and I'll miss her dearly. Jan 12th 2004 07:17:15 AM