Picture of the Day for 10-10-2005
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I almost forgot to post this great picture of me eating some delicious bean dip while Lisa Jo explains football to Kimberly (who is off screen).
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kimberly lisa jo made the yummy bean dip. but i seriously doubt we were talking football. Oct 10th 2005 06:20:39 AM
Lisa Jo Sure, Kimbo. Don't you remember Football 101: 1st & ten, field goal, end zone, tight pants...? Oct 10th 2005 07:08:48 AM
Glenn Please forgive me for stating the obvious ... Nice Melon. Oct 10th 2005 07:49:43 AM
kimberly the tight pants is familiar, now that you mention it. Oct 10th 2005 10:21:36 AM
JWine Well hellooo Lisa Jo. Oct 10th 2005 11:08:01 AM
Admin Well, well, well... JWine, meet Lisa Jo... Lisa Jo, meet the PODs favorite brother. Oct 10th 2005 11:15:16 AM
kimberly this could be interesting....lisa jo, what are you doing for thanksgiving? Oct 10th 2005 02:06:16 PM
Glenn Is Lisa Jo in the middle of shooting the bird at Kim? Oct 10th 2005 03:09:51 PM
Admin Glenn, she is not pointing the bird. That would be one finger. Have you never seen any movie rated PG13 or higher? I'm not letting Lisa Jo come down for Thanksgiving unless Unkee Jeremy asks her out properly. And it better be one hell of a line, too. Oct 10th 2005 03:36:14 PM
beth I don't know Lisa Jo, but I'm pretty sure I would never subject her to Jeremy unless you were really mad at her. But on the other hand, it is funny when Jeremy drinks, starts hitting on a girl and suddenly he has a British accent...must be something he learned in New York Oct 10th 2005 04:01:44 PM
Lisa Jo Where was I for all the fun banter? You miss a little, you really DO miss a lot... That'll teach me to step away from the computer! For the record, I was flipping the bird. Let's talk turkey. Oct 10th 2005 07:53:57 PM
England Kate Noooo, the British accent was perfected over here in Blighty a few years ago, he had it perfect, it was just some of the expressions he had trouble with...getting the right words in the right order! Oct 11th 2005 08:10:57 AM
England kate Come to think of it, he was drunk then too Oct 11th 2005 08:11:28 AM
Nathan (UK) Our favourite expression he got messed up was Tickety Boo which when Jeremy said it it came out Titty Booboo! Oct 15th 2005 03:06:12 PM
kimberly i'm willing to bet that was no accident. Oct 16th 2005 01:50:17 AM