Picture of the Day for 10-11-2005
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Here is a photo from my party a month ago. Kaitlyn and Ryan join a jubulant Tobster on the steps for an posed photo.
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kimberly super cute! you should have put this up last month. Oct 11th 2005 06:24:46 AM
Bubby Lani Toby thinks it's his birthday, with his friends surrounding him. Love this! Oct 11th 2005 07:54:24 AM
beth I think he is about to leap off the stairs and take over the party...I've seen this look from Aaron before...but he was on a roof and naked Oct 11th 2005 08:08:58 AM
Lisa Jo What a party animal--and yet still very well behaved. Now, I wonder which parent is responsible for donating which trait? Oct 11th 2005 09:59:43 AM
Glenn I just like the super long shorts. Toddler boy capri pants are in this year. Oct 11th 2005 10:01:51 AM
Glenn What is that little girl trying to do in her cup? Gross! Oct 11th 2005 10:05:22 AM
gr. bubbymarg They like they are having lots of fun. Oct 14th 2005 08:00:00 PM