Picture of the Day for 10-01-2003
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I'm not the only one growing a belly lately. Check out little Muttley (boy)/ Gwenella (girl). The little tyke moves all the time now. Kimberly totally agrees with my name choices. However, if you have a better one, we are open to suggestions.
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The Hulk's Father aaaah, little Mutley is all growed up! Pretty soon he'll be asking what happened to his college fund. Oct 1st 2003 08:08:38 AM
cat Little Mamma Wine is looking too cute and proud! Enjoy this time Kim. Oct 1st 2003 11:40:49 AM
kimberly since i have no "gut feeling" on the sex of the kid, lets take your guesses here? is it a mutley or a gwenella? we will let you know on the 10th of october. Oct 1st 2003 04:56:01 PM
Admin I think it's twins. One Muttley and one Gwenella. Oct 2nd 2003 07:48:12 AM
JWine Definitely a nephew. Oct 2nd 2003 01:25:48 PM
Scorpio (Glenn) Is "puppy" a choice? 'cause if it is I say "puppy." If not ......... I'm goin' with indigestion. Oct 3rd 2003 12:37:49 PM
kimberly glenn, if its a puppy, we'll name it after you. Oct 8th 2003 11:46:33 AM