Picture of the Day for 10-12-2005
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Things are always so exciting at our house.
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beth why is your tongue yellow? Oct 12th 2005 07:59:43 AM
Admin cause i'm chicken.. Oct 12th 2005 08:31:01 AM
kimberly maybe i could get those "queer eye" guys to come show him how to use a tongue scraper. eewwwww! Oct 12th 2005 11:35:10 AM
Lisa Jo Since it isn't Mayan, I thought maybe it was urine. [sorry] Oct 12th 2005 01:54:57 PM
Glenn Since Lisa Jo started it...his uvula is European. Actually, maybe that has to do with the uvula growth. Oct 12th 2005 03:03:43 PM
kimberly no glenn, eur o' pean. and your wife is funnier than you. Oct 12th 2005 08:06:48 PM
Glenn But looks aren't everything... Oct 17th 2005 10:19:51 AM