Picture of the Day for 10-13-2005
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Toby, Superdog and myself took Maggie to the doggie doctor and while Maggie was getting a sample taken from her we decided to take a photo. Here is that photo. Also, you may start noticing a few of my website pages changing. I'm in the midst of a slow turnover to a website redesign. I hope you like it.
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Lisa Jo I *love* the new look of the site! [Not as much as the darling shot of Superkid & Superdog.]Auntie LJ Oct 13th 2005 09:50:38 AM
Peaches Toby you look so cute in your overalls. Oct 13th 2005 02:31:58 PM
gr. bubbymarg Toby gets cuter every day. I just love seeing him grow. Oct 14th 2005 07:57:15 PM