Picture of the Day for 10-14-2003
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Here I am at the last tailgate. I still had that supercool mustache. Speaking of last tailgates, This was Brett's (pictured behind me) last tailgate without a kid. Congradulations to Brett and family.
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Scorpio Did y'all ever return that guy's grill? (we borrowed a neighboring tailgater's grill to cook dove, which we shared, but he left it after the game.) Oct 14th 2003 12:31:28 PM
Admin He came back for it just as soon as we were about to start it up again. Oct 14th 2003 06:24:20 PM
dak bubby loves you Oct 14th 2003 08:47:32 PM
Chad "no nickname" Brett's probably figuring out how to use a different kind of bottle right now... Oct 15th 2003 12:24:16 PM