Picture of the Day for 10-17-2005
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This truck couldn't make a turn with out hitting a light pole. I was sitting there thinking that would be a hilarious photo and then I looked down and saw my camera and I was at a red light and so I snapped a shot. I didn't see the wreck, but I'm sure the driver went oops, or something more colorful.
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Admin Our top notch research investigation arm of www.aaronwine.com came up with some inside information about this wreck. Apparently, you need brakes to stop and this truck didn't have it. The POD today is not only entertaining, but informative as well. Oct 17th 2005 07:31:38 AM
Glenn What is reflected in your window? I can't figure it out. Oct 17th 2005 10:18:46 AM
Bubby Lani That is an interesting question, Glenn. It looks like some kind of duck faced toy or tee shirt. Oct 17th 2005 11:25:34 AM
Admin It's a plush toy action figure of Jack from the Incredibles that makes sounds. Oct 17th 2005 12:06:26 PM