Picture of the Day for 10-17-2006
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Some little kids at the petting zoo find brushes and brush the animals. Some little kids find poop nuggets and are amazed. Yes, that's poop in that girl's hand.
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chicos tacos that has to be by far the WORST gumball machine in the world. Oct 17th 2006 06:01:09 AM
Admin That gumball comment made me chortle. Good stuff. I actually saw a mother trade a zoo keeper a dollar for a quarter so her kid could get the six kibbles of food that came out of that gumball machine. Oct 17th 2006 08:03:54 AM
Nathan and it's really hard to blow bubbles with Oct 17th 2006 01:14:22 PM
bubbymargaret Hi: That zoo trip has some fabulous pictures. I am enjoying them all. Love Oct 17th 2006 06:15:48 PM