Picture of the Day for 10-18-2005
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I did not teach Toby this new trick. Kimberly?!?!?!
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kimberly i blame daycare. Oct 18th 2005 06:01:09 AM
Abuelo Double your pleasure,double your fun Oct 18th 2005 07:45:35 AM
Bubby Lani Wow, I have to get used to the new format. I was used to the turtle. Oct 18th 2005 08:30:29 AM
Admin It's going to be a slow change. I've got something ingenious for the home page, but don't know if I can pull it off. Stay tuned, dear fans. Oct 18th 2005 08:38:40 AM
Glenn How does he breathe? Gills? Oct 18th 2005 09:38:47 AM
Admin I believe through his belly button. Oct 18th 2005 09:50:43 AM
Glenn Kind of like a blow hole? Oct 18th 2005 10:49:34 AM
Nathan (UK) Did you know that if you put a screwdriver in your belly button and twist it your bum falls off.... I believe you Americans call it a fanny but over here it means something quite different, oh the hilarity, we speak the same language yet its different. Oct 18th 2005 12:13:40 PM
Glenn Philips or flat-head? Righty tighty or lefty loosey? I can't get it to work. Oct 18th 2005 12:24:25 PM
mh i'd be skeptical of Admin's breathing theory but I see that Toby does have his belly button at the ready Oct 18th 2005 09:18:26 PM
beth Nathan "sounds" like Stuie from Family Guy. Now I envision him trying to assinate his family as a child. Oct 19th 2005 02:13:17 PM
Gr. Bubbymarg A natural reaction to an ichy nose. Oct 19th 2005 03:36:45 PM