Picture of the Day for 10-19-2005
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Toby got to go to his first Aggie football game last Saturday. We got scalped tickets that were $75 a piece face value, but we haggled our way down for two for $60 for 40 yard line seats 12 rows back on the first deck. Here is a picture of Toby holding up his ticket in victory to allow all those who pass to marvel in his greatness.
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Bubby Lani He sure looks the part of an Aggie. Nice new shirt. Oct 19th 2005 07:55:47 AM
uncee Robbie Any chance Toby will be cheering for the Cyclones on Oct. 29th? Oct 19th 2005 08:06:46 AM
Great Auntie Di Maybe we should get him a ISU Cyclone shirt to wear. Is he learning to party like his Daddy? Oct 19th 2005 09:09:15 AM
Glenn Looks like that blonde lady has an itch. Maybe she sat in some chiggers. Oct 19th 2005 09:28:34 AM
Admin Daddy was not partying during this game. That's a no-no. I can guarantee that the "root for the other team, get left behind rule" was in effect for this game. Oct 19th 2005 09:30:40 AM
kimberly to me it looks like he's thinkin...you spent $30 on this little piece of paper? i can't even eat it. Oct 19th 2005 11:31:21 AM
Great Auntie Di But did he have a good time? Did he make the whole game? Oct 19th 2005 12:45:53 PM
aunty beth It's about time!!! Toby is how old and this is his FIRST aggie game? Jacob was three weeks old at his first game...Chance was 9 months old and Avari was 8 months old. Toby will always be an Aggie FIRST! Oct 19th 2005 02:11:58 PM