Picture of the Day for 10-21-2005
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I actually got one of the spoons for myself, but was coerced out of it.
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JWine Oh, all right, I'll spoon with her. Oct 21st 2005 02:00:19 PM
England Kate Great offer thanks...I'll get back to you Oct 24th 2005 05:53:00 AM
England Kate The people at the back look a bit grumpy - did Toby coerce them into giving up their spoons too?! Oct 21st 2005 05:20:19 AM
England Kate What is the bloke in the back pointing at? Oct 21st 2005 07:55:16 AM
Admin I bet you anything that that bloke in the back has no idea he's on the internet pointing to his package. As for unhappy Aggie fans, well, sometimes our team doesn't do to well, but we always have fun eventually at the games. If you ever convince Nathan to travel down to Texas, I'll take you both to a game. Oct 21st 2005 08:37:39 AM
Glenn Kate, hold out until he offers you a couple of spoons too. Oct 21st 2005 10:01:10 AM