Picture of the Day for 10-02-2006
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Sometimes, it's not quantity, but quality. Remember that.
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Unk J I give today's POD 10 out of 10 stars. Oct 2nd 2006 06:45:49 AM
Bubby Lani Is that a tootsie roll pop? Yum. Oct 2nd 2006 08:05:10 AM
Admin Do the viewers out there want a POD rating service? I really like today's picture. Oct 2nd 2006 08:23:58 AM
kimberly i think that was the only tootsie pop in there. i hoarded all the rest for myself (want some lani?) and threw a bunch of dumdums in instead. my boy is smart. Oct 2nd 2006 09:25:49 AM
bubby margaret That is a great picture. You guya are sure having fun. Happy New Year, Yom Kipper. Love, Oct 2nd 2006 02:29:20 PM
nana was he smart enough to figure out how to get Mom and Dad to let him eat the Tootsie Roll pop? Oct 2nd 2006 08:16:46 PM
kimberly no, but he had several tootsie rolls, 2 popsicles, cake and pizza. oh, and a dumdum sucker he picked up off the ground. no wonder he has a runny nose! Oct 3rd 2006 09:07:13 AM