Picture of the Day for 10-22-2003
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I bought my first set of diapers yesterday. I call it, a huggies moment. Also, Monday, Kimberly and I went to a breast feeding class and she confiscated my camera and forbid me to use the word boob for 3 hours. Toughest class I had to ever sit in.
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JWine Boob Oct 23rd 2003 08:34:59 AM
Scorpio I think he is more of a putz than a boob. Oct 23rd 2003 12:11:29 PM
no nickname Only 40? That should get you through the first few days. You need to go to Sam's and get the 200 pack if you expect to make it through the first week. Make sure you grab all you can while you're at the hospital too. Oct 23rd 2003 02:00:01 PM