Picture of the Day for 10-22-2007
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These two rather handsome fellows will one day reside in the building structure in the background.
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Admin I've just realized, I'm getting a lot of grey hair. Who's to blame for this?!? Oct 22nd 2007 07:40:48 AM
Bubby Lani Blame it on Uncle Albert. He was grey at a very ealy age. Your mother, of course, has no grey hair. Oct 22nd 2007 07:57:37 AM
Abuelo The evidence is right there in the picture. Kids and a big mortgage will do it every time. Oct 22nd 2007 10:34:48 AM
Peaches What a great memory this picture will be! Oct 22nd 2007 05:05:39 PM
Abuelo Griffin agrees. He is giving it a thumbs up Oct 24th 2007 08:47:18 AM