Picture of the Day for 10-25-2004
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I call this photo, "Me and the Gov". Yep, I'm hanging out with the movers and the shakers. Here's me palsing around with Texas Governor Rick Perry. He told me to keep up the good work and to look forward to my new position on his cabinet.
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Mr. Puck The gov is obviously trying to skew younger with those key 25 - 35 demographics. Oct 25th 2004 06:51:49 AM
kimberly i think the lady in the blue jacket with the water bottle is a secret service person, and she is using her finger phone to call in for backup to get this sweaty drunk off of the guv. sweetie, this will go down on your permanent record. Oct 25th 2004 06:59:01 AM
Beth Oh how scary....they let you get that close to Rick? Oct 25th 2004 07:48:07 AM
Admin Rick and Rick's people know I'm a republican. He also must of smelled the whiskey and probably wanted some. Oct 25th 2004 08:12:01 AM
momma h I can only conclude that there must be a Texas small business bowling program in the works. Oct 25th 2004 09:27:28 AM
Abuelo What I want to know as a taxpayer is why our Governor has such a pronounced golfer's glove tan line? Oct 25th 2004 09:45:27 AM
beth I think Rick's facial expression can tell you how much whiskey was on Aaron's breath...whew.... Oct 25th 2004 11:53:05 AM
kimberly aaron, please stop joking about being a republican!!! Oct 25th 2004 01:50:10 PM
Admin I have proof on my voter registration card that I vote in Republican primaries. Therefore, I'm a republican. Now, on a lighter side, Did anyone else notice the anti-governor right behind the real governor? He has the extact opposite shirt on. Oct 25th 2004 02:36:55 PM
Glenn That tan line is great! His hand looks like Michael Jackson's white glove. Oct 25th 2004 08:39:56 PM