Picture of the Day for 10-25-2005
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We washed a car this weekend. Well, we splashed a lot and got soapy water on it. Yesterday, I had to take Toby to get a flu shot and he was okay until they stuck the needle in his leg and the pain hit and he made a what the hell are you doing to me face. That was sad. We got pizza afterwards.
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England Kate Looks like he did quite a good job on it to me. There's soap on it and everything! Oct 25th 2005 06:34:39 AM
kimberly maybe this weekend he can clean the house. Oct 25th 2005 07:01:47 AM
momma hansen did he mutter about having to work when no other kids have to ? Oct 25th 2005 05:07:59 PM
kimberly he was so mad, he squirted me with a hose. i'm sure that will be one of this week's photos. Oct 25th 2005 05:52:58 PM
Gr. bubbymarg He is seeing if he can find something under the bubbles. Oct 25th 2005 06:10:08 PM