Picture of the Day for 10-26-2004
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Here is where the governor was telling me why he kept calling special sessions for what this republican thinks was illegal redistricting, but I'm not buying any of it.
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kimberly i mean it aaron. it isn't funny. Oct 26th 2004 06:40:04 AM
Auntie Di Oh come on Kim, he is in his glory. Oct 26th 2004 06:57:32 AM
JWine How is this dude as a governor, anyway? Oct 26th 2004 07:02:12 AM
beth I think he is ofering Aaron a job as cheif republican fund raiser...who wouldn't give money to him Oct 26th 2004 07:38:59 AM
Admin I'm sorry that my party affliations is starting to affect my marriage. The Gov got to be Gov because he was the Lt. Governor when Bush went to the white house. Kind of like a back door entry. Oct 26th 2004 08:02:35 AM
Admin Besides.. who doesn't like the up the nose shot of the governor? Oct 26th 2004 08:03:48 AM
kimberly he likes vetoes! http://www.austinchronicle.com/issues/dispatch/2001-06-29/pols_capitol2.html Oct 26th 2004 08:06:23 AM
The Guv VETO! I thought you said "Tivo" it.You know how Aggies get their letters reversed. Oct 26th 2004 12:22:07 PM
beth Is anyone else sensing the hostility from Kim???? ... aaron..you better chill out....or you will be sleeping with superdog and maggie Oct 26th 2004 12:41:01 PM
Observer Kim doesn't have an issue with Aaron, just Republicans Oct 26th 2004 04:07:05 PM