Picture of the Day for 10-27-2004
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Keeping up with the political theme, here's me with Travis county sheriff wanna-be, Dan McNeill. I'm going to vote for this guy because he let me take a picture with him. That got me thinking to all the people I vote for who I have no idea who they are. Once I voted for a judge because she had the same name as my bubby. What are your methods of voting?
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beth is this guy a republican? Oct 27th 2004 07:46:41 AM
Admin Yes, the guy in the blue shirt is a republican. I don't know if the sheriff is. I don't think sheriffs can be associated with a party. Oct 27th 2004 08:21:15 AM
Bubby Lani You are cracking me up with these political pictures. These guys must think you're a riot! Oct 27th 2004 12:10:55 PM
Glenn When you go to vote just remember to take a coin with you or dice or even a magic 8 ball. Myself, I vote by the same system every year. I start with each politicians stance on gun control. Then I divide it by their foreign policy, add twice their education platform, and carry it to the power of their views on education. Finally, I vote for which ever of those is the Republican. Never fails. You should try it. Oct 27th 2004 01:48:49 PM
Admin Glenn, if you divide bush's foriegn policy you get an unreal number since anything divided by zero is undefined. Therefore I guess you need to vote Nadar as his campaign is undefined. Oct 27th 2004 03:20:12 PM
momma h You might want to reconsider your vote because this guy looks a little bit too anxious about our dear Admin's behavior. Do you think he's ready for sheriffing actually-dangerous behaviors ? Oct 27th 2004 06:58:00 PM
kimberly you are right mom. he was way too excited when aaron said he planned to vote for him. oh the countless victims and telemarketers that have fallen for aaron's charm. (does that include me?? oops.) Oct 27th 2004 09:02:21 PM