Picture of the Day for 10-27-2005
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This mommy is getting a spray down.
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Peaches Toby is a good shot. Oct 27th 2005 07:56:32 AM
England Kate Was Mummy as clean as the car? Oct 27th 2005 08:34:09 AM
Great Auntie Di Couldn't do that up here, you would freeze. I'm going to pull this one up when there is snow on the ground this winter. Oct 27th 2005 09:47:50 AM
Admin It's not 80 degrees in Iowa in late October? What a weird place to live. Oct 27th 2005 10:17:09 AM
Bubbymarg It reminds me of the day your Grabdpa Seymour gave me sa shower bath right after I had my hair done, but he wasn't Toby's age. Did you put him up sdto it Aaron????Love, Bubbymarg Oct 27th 2005 01:05:25 PM
Abuelo "Grab"pa Seymour - a fruedian slip? Oct 27th 2005 02:53:10 PM
Admin Okay, Abuelo is teetering that line of censorship. Oct 27th 2005 03:34:14 PM
Bubby Lani This may be my favorite picture of you, Kimberly! Oct 27th 2005 04:23:30 PM
Admin Is it because she has a tree sticking out of her head? Oct 27th 2005 07:14:59 PM